Recording Packages

It's easy to turn your song into a professionally recorded version!

Recording Packages

It's your decision as to how far you want us to go with your recording. We can deliver anything from a simple acoustic version all the way to a fully produced, mixed and mastered recording of your song, with as many piece band as you want.
Can't decide which song to record? Try our SONG CRITIQUE SERVICE to help you decide!
Let one of our songwriting pros review your song and provide detailed feeback. More about our Song Critique service...
The Unplugged

299 US$

price per song

This is a high-quality simple
acoustic recording.

Light percussion tracks

2 acoustic guitar tracks

Professionally mixed & mastered

The Standard

799 US$

price per song

This is what probably half of the writers on Nashville's music row turn in to their publishers.

Programmed drums
(that most will think are real)

Bass guitar

Acoustic guitar

Electric guitars


Professionally mixed & mastered

The Pro

999 US$

price per song

This is what the other half of the pros shoot for. Taking it up a notch.

Real drums

Bass guitar

Acoustic guitar

Electric guitars



Choose 2 from the following:
Programmed strings, pedal steel, banjo, mandolin, harmonica, banjo, high-string guitar

Professionally mixed & mastered

The Producer

1399 US$

price per song

This is the most complete package we offer. You not only get a professionally recorded and mixed song. You will get the same level of input and guidance our producers would provide any of their other clients, signed
to a publishing company or label!

Includes everything in "The Pro" package

* Work with a seasoned producer

* A producer on our team will contact you before we begin to do any arranging or recording for a “pre-production” discussion. Package includes input/guidance throughout the process.

Vocal Recording Options

It's your decision as to how you want to handle the recording of the vocals on your song. We can provide a professional singer or you can record you vocals yourself at a local studio. You can even record your vocals at home in your home studio!

We Sing It

150 US$

We have one of our pro singers cut the vocals on the track. Simply put, we attach a singer to your song. If it's a female country song, we have the appropriate singer that we will have sing your song. Male country, same. Pop. Rock. We've got singers ready to go.

You Sing It

Included US$

You sing it. We send you the instrumental version, you go into a local studio and sing the song. Then, you upload the vocal WAV files back to us and we mix it into the track.

You Sing It At Home

Included US$

You can cut vocals at home! We send you the instrumental version, you record your vocals in your home studio. Then, you upload the vocal WAV files back to us and we mix it into the track.

You Mix It

Included US$

You take the WAV files and do what you want with them. Some people want the WAV files right from the session to sing, add to, mix or have someone they know mix it.

Mixing, Mastering and Other ServicesNEW!

Already have your tracks recorded, but you want the Studio Automatic team to take it to a world class level? We got you covered. We offer Mix and Mastering services!

Mix & Master

349 US$

price per song ◊ up to 48 tracks

Have the same mixers who regularly work on major label recording artists mix and master your song.

More about our Mix/Master Package...


79 US$

price per song

If you have all your tracks recorded and mixed, we can add that final step to upgrade your song to a ready-to-release grade. Studio Automatic mastering process is the best in class.

Vocal Tuning

129 US$

price per song ◊ lead vocal ◊
$39/each additional vocal

We have the most experienced vocal tuning engineers in the industry.

Song Critique

45 US$

price per song

One of our pro songwriters will give you experienced feedback, input and guidance to assist in making your song the best it can be.

More about our Song Critiques...

How the STUDIO AUTOMATIC Process Works

With Studio Automatic it's super easy to turn your song into a professional recording.
You're just 3 steps away from taking your song to the level of quality it deserves.

1. Choose a Recording Package And Vocal Option
Choose from any one of our Recording Packages, starting at $299. Choose which vocal recording option you prefer.
2. Upload your song
Create a Studio Automatic account. Then upload your song through your account. You can upload the song in any form (home studio mix, or a GarageBand recording. Even an iPhone voice memo recording).
2.5 Upload your vocal tracks
If you choose to sing on your recording, Studio Automatic will send you a rough instrumental version of your song. You then can go into a local studio or even your home studio to record the vocal tracks. Then, upload your vocal audio files back to Studio Automatic and our team of audio mixing engineers will include them in the final mix.
3. Download a professionally recorded version of your song
Within 5-7 business days, you will receive an email notification that a professionally recorded version of your song is ready for download!