I have all my tracks recorded already. Can I use Studio Automatic for my mix?

Studio Automatic Mix/Master package

Have you already recorded all your tracks in a local studio and/or in your home studio? Studio Automatic offers a Mix & Master only package!

Our engineers and producers can take your recorded tracks and put together a record label/radio ready mix.

Have the same mixers who regularly work on major label recording artists mix and master your song!

More about the Studio Automatic Team...

Mix & Master

349 US$

price per song ◊ up to 48 tracks

How the STUDIO AUTOMATIC Process Works

With Studio Automatic it's super easy to turn your song into a professional recording.
You're just 3 steps away from taking your song to the level of quality it deserves.

1. Choose a Recording Package And Vocal Option
Choose from any one of our Recording Packages, starting at $299. Choose which vocal recording option you prefer.
2. Upload your song
Create a Studio Automatic account. Then upload your song through your account. You can upload the song in any form (home studio mix, or a GarageBand recording. Even an iPhone voice memo recording).
2.5 Upload your song,
upload your vocal tracks
If you choose to sing on your recording, Studio Automatic will send you a rough instrumental version of your song. You then can go into a local studio or even your home studio to record the vocal tracks. Then, upload your vocal audio files back to Studio Automatic and our team of audio mixing engineers will include them the final mix.
3. Download a professionally recorded version of your song
Within 5-7 business days, you will receive an email notification that a professionally recorded version of your song is ready for download!