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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question about any part of the Studio Automatic website or recording process, please contact us.
Or most likely your question has already been asked, so please review our Frequently Asked Questions below.

Recording Process
Music Career
Can I get pro vocals recorded on my song?
Yes! We have relationships with dozens of male and female vocalists, in different styles and genres. Go to “country guy and girls” or “pop/rock.” You tell us, or we can make suggestions.
Can I sing it?
Heck yeah! You will need to find a local studio. The WAV file we send to you can be loaded into any system and you can go in to record it. Most local studios have a room dedicated to vocal recording and can be booked for a reasonable fee.
How do I get my song heard by people that can make a difference?
There are a number of ways. The first is just hustling for yourself. Put up a lyric video. Set up a simple site or Facebook page for yourself as a songwriter/artist. We also recommend getting set up with ASCAP, BMI or SESAC. They offer tons of resources for their writers.
What caliber of musicians, engineers and mixers will be working on my song?
Because some of the folks we hire work on major label projects, we don’t publicize their names. Zac Maloy, the creator of this site, lassos in the same people he works with on projects he is turning in to his publisher, Warner Chappell Music and to major labels across the musical landscape. Trust us when we say, everyone we use are A-listers.
Who are the musicians playing on my song?
Well, they are some of the best musicians, engineers, mixers and producers on the planet. The one name we can tell you is Zac Maloy, who you read more about on the about page. Beyond that we work under an umbrella of anonymity. Some of the guys and girls playing and working on songs for Studio Automatic have session rates up to $1000, and work for us for much less. There would be risk of them having to lower their usual rate if it became public knowledge they were working for a fraction of what they usually get paid.
What kind of recordings do I send you?
Any kind of recording of your song. Go into Garage Band and hit record. iPhone recording. Voice memo of any kind. If you play guitar, strum along and sing it. Or find a friend who can accompany you. Piano, same. If you mess up a little before the bridge…just keep going. We will figure it out.
Who owns the song?
YOU! Studio Automatic is providing a service of recording your song. You own it 100%.
Can I ask for edits and/or changes to my recording?
For sure! Once you get your song back from us, you can send us one round of comments and changes. Once we make the first round of edits, each additional mix edit will cost $50 per edit.
How long till I get to hear my song?
About a week. There are sites that have a 48 hour turnaround. That seems crazy. We need a good several days to lay down all the music, then the mix process takes a few more days. Trust us, we put our hearts into this.