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When Music Heals

on 14 Jun 2018, 10:33 AM
  • zac

I've been lucky enough to have written a few hit songs as a writer and former artist. And to have had around 200 songs cut and released on major and indie record labels over the years.

But the best part of what I do, is provide a little goodness in someone's life when it's maybe just not so good. I cannot tell you how many people have sent letters, messages and personal "thank you's"; because of a song I was part of writing or recording.

It started with my band the Nixon's highest charting song, "Sister." Regardless of the fact that my sister's move to the west coast provided the inspiration for the song; it became a touchstone for siblings that I never really saw coming as a twenty something, long haired rock singer from Oklahoma. But I now know of that song being played at countless memorial services or of just "getting us through a tough time". It continued with my solo release "Early Morning Phone Call" which prompted much more of the same. I did write this one when I actually lost my grandfather, who was a huge musical and life influence on me. Turns out people could relate. Then came "Temporary Home"; it has been used in charity campaigns for everything from veterans to housing initiatives. When you write a song like that, as I did with the superb Carrie Underwood, you don't think about that or see it coming.

But, I think perhaps I just witnessed the power of music in one of the most profound ways ever this past weekend. My sons and I sang at a service for a family friend we lost. And midway through the third stanza of "Amazing Grace"; I looked down and saw the family on the front row…smiling. They had not done much, if any of that recently. And just seeing and hearing 3 friends/father and sons strumming the simplest of chords, singing a familiar song, maybe helped them heal.

Just a little.

Music is amazing. Music has made careers, paid for houses, made people dance and provided a soundtrack for millions of lives.

My favorite part: when music heals.