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2018 Summer Songwriting Contest

on 06 Jun 2018, 02:34 PM
  • zac

Hey folks, Zac Maloy here. Thanks for visiting the site! And for taking some interest in this latest endeavor here at

Here's the deal: we want to hear your music! And we're going to choose one lucky winner to get a Producer Package as a grand prize. We'll announce our decision June 20, 2018. That gives you several weeks to submit as many songs as you'd like.

The way to submit for the contest is via the Critique service. However, for the duration of the contest, the service will be half its usual fifty bucks; we will be charging $25.00. So for that price you get a critique from me; as well as being entered to win a full on pro recording of your hit, with my help along the way. You'll get drums, bass, guitars and more; vocals if you need them (or you can choose to sing); fully mixed and mastered.

We've programmed the site so that critique packages will charge $25.00 starting now, until the contest ends.

The full value of this grand prize is $1399.00 and hopefully the chance to learn a little.

We'll be judging based on structure, content, arrangement and overall relatability. I will be joined by 2 other music biz pros who will weigh on the decision.

Don't hate us if you don't win. Music is so open to interpretation and this will just be our panel's opinions. But for twenty-five bucks, it's worth a swing!

At the very least, we hope the discounted critique you receive helps make your tune the best it can be.

We hope this is successful, cause we'd love to do more contests like this. We just think it's gonna engage our users in such a cool way!

Now, get to it. Upload your song; we will get to work on the critique, then on June 20 we will announce the winner!

Congratulations to Charles Oliver for his winning song, "You Don't Have To Go To Colorado."