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Zac Maloy

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on 12 Apr 2018, 10:52 AM
  • zac

Hey guys. So, first...sorry I've taken so long to make an entry here. Truth is, I'm a songwriter first and foremost; and I write almost every day at my studio in Nashville. Also, I produce artists and bands (like the amazing The Wild Frontiers: check here for more info coming. I promise. Soon). Oh and I have a festival I founded called the Oklahoma Songwriters Festival in my former hometown of Oklahoma City, OK (info at

Shameless plugs.

And I have kids. But one is about to leave for college; so with a tear in my eye...I will have a little more free time.

Okay so all that is not an excuse for not blogging here more; but kinda it is. But here I am and what I wanna pass along is... Thank you!

I've listened to so many songs from you guys. Many critiques, recording packages and just inquiries. And with each review and listen I realize I'm still learning. To hear these songs of all genres and styles: and to really dig in and try to make 'em better...has made me better.

So, I will blog a more inspiring blog next time. But this one is to just say: keep the music coming.

And, thanks.