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Studio Automatic/Music Aficionado Songwriting Contest

Contest presented by Guitar Center

on 19 July 2016, 06:40 PM
  • zac
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Judge me, please.

I jumped at the chance when the fine folks at Guitar Center, out at the L.A. headquarters, hit me up to join forces with the very cool new site,, to be part of a songwriter contest. This contest is gonna feature a grand prize of a fully formed, produced, and professional recorded version of your song with (our "Producer" package). Along with the recording package, you will also get several mentoring sessions from me via phone and skype. I'll give you my 2 cents as a longtime producer and songwriter in Nashville and I'm so excited to work with some undiscovered talent out there.

Not only am I involved with the grand prize, I'm also a judge. My fellow judges Whitney Daane and Steven Battey are good friends and amazing talents here in music city. Whitney started and ran Kobalt Music for the last several years, building it into the premier admin company in the business. She worked closely with massively important artists like Lady Antebellum among others. Steven Battey is part of the writing and production team Jackie Boyz. They've written and produced with everyone from FloRida to Justin Bieber.

This contest is an amazing opportunity for songwriters out there who might not have any other way to get their song heard.

When I work with young artists, that's the first question I hear, "how do I get my music heard?" Well here ya go.

At least three folks in the music biz will hear your song as a part of this contest. I can only imagine the teenage me, writing my first song then being able to upload it to get the chance for real music pros hear my song. Of course the teenage me would've stopped and asked what the hell is "upload"?

Okay, writers of the world! Write! Then, let me judge you!!

SIGN UP FOR THE CONTEST HERE! (and to check out Music Aficionado!)