Studio Automatic

Online Recording Studio

What is Studio Automatic?

An Online Recording Studio

Studio Automatic is a full service online recording studio. You send us your song idea in any form: garage band recording, iPhone recording or voice memo, whatever. Within 5-7 business days, you will receive a professionally recorded demo of your song (that is the last time we'll refer to our product as a “demo.” We use the same technology, players, engineers and quality of all around music pros used on records. These are top of the line "recordings.")

Multiple Recording Packages Available

It’s your decision as to how far you want us to go with your recording. We can deliver anything from an simple high-quality acoustic version all the way to a fully produced, mixed and mastered recording of your song, with as many piece band as you want. All packages are mixed and mastered. And we offer different vocal recording options. We can provide a professional vocalist or you can record your own vocals. Even in your home studio! We also offer the option of having a working producer jump in to help, if you want it. A Nashville pro will contact you with feedback, suggestions and advice.

An Easy 3-Step Process To Upgrade Your Song!

The Studio Automatic website makes it super easy to upload your song and communicate with our team. We have a very simple 3-step process to upgrade your song to a professional recording. (See the graphic below to see how it works.)

Imagine: the song you sat down on your couch or at your piano and wrote, now recorded at the quality level of any songwriter or artist signed to a major label. The musicians we use are some of the same players that record those artists. The on-staff producers we have to advise you have worked with them as well.

How the STUDIO AUTOMATIC Process Works

With Studio Automatic it's super easy to turn your song into a professional recording.
You're just 3 steps away from taking your song to the level of quality it deserves.

1. Choose a Recording Package And Vocal Option
Choose from any one of our Recording Packages, starting at $299. Then choose a vocal recording option (who is going to sing on the song, you or us).
2. Upload your song
Record a demo of your song and upload it in any form (home studio mix, GarageBand recording or even an iPhone voice memo recording).
2.5 Upload your vocal tracks
If you choose to sing on your recording, Studio Automatic will send you a rough instrumental version of your song. You then can go into a local studio or even your home studio to record the vocal tracks. Then, upload your vocal audio files back to Studio Automatic and our team of audio mixing engineers will include them in the final mix.
3. Download a professionally recorded version of your song
Within 5-7 business days, you will receive an email notification that a professionally recorded version of your song is ready for download!